Welcome Sangha Friends

Dear Sangha Friends:

It has been over 5 years since I was assigned to White River Buddhist Temple with my wife, Mayumi. It is our pleasure to be a witness to observe people’s enjoyment, to hear laughing voices, to have people appreciate our Dharma Talks, and to watch our Sangha volunteer their services to help other people.

We are very honored to be accepted by you, the Sangha, in a respectful manner. This was quite a challenging experience for us. During the beginning, there was a great adjustment for us due to the temple’s unique situations, conditions, environments, and especially the Northwest weather being wet and dreary for 6 months of the year. Mayumi and I are now ready to work together with you, the Sangha members, in a spirit of making our inherited tradition meaningful and welcoming any people who seek the answers from our Buddha Dharma. Our vision is to make Shin Buddhism a light of living for everyone.

We are very positive to start our 6th year as of May, 2017 for another year and like to hear more enjoyable and laughing voices.

With Palms Together in Gassho,
Rev. Koshin Ogui and Mayumi