Webmaster – Communications Officer Dennis K. Asato

Potential Profile of Self

WRBT Communications Officer, Dennis K. Asato, brings the strategy of inserting current technology into the temple’s daily operation.

Dennis accepts the challenge of bringing awareness to the Sangha that we need to move forward and use whatever means to communicate to people. His basic assumption is for the Temple to reach out and connect with each other, the community, and the world using legacy, current, and leading edge technology.

Asato likes to call himself, a ” Humanist Technologist ” and attempts to alleviate the Sangha’s apprehension of new developing technologies by investigating and integrating new ideas, and implementing them into a more useful system. His guidelines in developing these systems, is to make it cheaper, better, and faster.  He has acquired these skills over 4 decades in working on various major and complex computer systems. The majority of his career was in the high performance computing field.  Presently, he is retired and just wants to enjoy life and family.

A Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics in the humanities field and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in the technical scientific field prepared the way for Dennis to become a Renaissance man and extended his curiosity in learning new things and technologies for life.

He was married to his late wife, Lillian from Hilo for almost 40 years but she has recently passed away, June 1, 2017. They have 4 children and 3 grandchildren. He wants to give back to the Temple, since all 4 children attended Dharma school at this temple and have acquired strong spiritual values. These values have helped them to become young responsible adults and to appreciate life.

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